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Guest: Marco Steinberg

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Design as a strategic tool for systemic change

Marco Steinberg is Founder of Snowcone & Haystack, Finland, a strategic design practice focused on helping governments and leaders innovate.

Marco is former Director of Strategic Design at the Finnish Innovation Fund, where he launched a portfolio of initiatives to address the acute need for strategic improvement in the public sector.

Marco believes that that there is a solution to the complex challenges that governments, societies and environments face. There is a need to shift from trying to improve the efficiency of what was to redesigning what could be. His passion is in helping leaders find the pathway to these strategic improvements.

In his other responsibilities, Marco is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Museum of Finnish Architecture & serves as advisor to many organizations. His previous experience includes: Professor at the Harvard Design School (1999-2009); advising governments on SME & design funding strategies; and running his own design & architecture practice.