3rdHand is an organization formed by a group of creative individuals, interested in socially engaged projects. We initiate them with great responsibility, but also with full idealism, because we believe that social initiatives play a crucial role in overcoming uniformity and in encouraging diversity. Our background is art/design and politics/social sciences and we are inclined to an inter-disciplinary approach. In order to preserve and improve our living environment, a change in mentality, thinking and our value system is has to take place, that is why in our project we strive to connect the different levels of our society. Since 2005, TRETAROKA has been working on many cooperation projects, but we have focused on socially engaged, critical and other educational platforms that enlighten, develop, and connect topics, which influence creative and other climates in Slovenia.
Our collaborations support collaborative platforms, open knowledge exchange and creative projects.
Throughout its existence we have always been looking for international collaborations. In recent years we established an ongoing collaboration with Aalto University from Helsinki. Together with Aalto, we realized a series of experimental workshops and projects (Face2Face, Marmelada, Emotional Window, Design Biotop).
We try to multiply the effect of our international connections by collaborating with different Slovenian organizations and media on each of our projects. On recent projects we successfully collaborated with Ljudmila, Kino Šiška, ALUO, SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism, MAD, Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of economic development and technology, different galleries, public spaces companies and individuals).