Marco Steinberg, open lecture

About the event


19.11. from 10am to 5pm, Kino Šiška: Workshop
20.11. at 10am, MAO: Marco Steinberg, open Lecture and presentation of results

The third event from Design Biotop series, Design Innovation Challenge, explores the application of design for complex problem solving within specific environments such as the public administration. The event emphasizes the search for solutions within inter-departmental cooperation and integration of different cognitive and systematic approaches. Design Biotop stimulates the search for new ways of solving social problems, based on cooperation between different levels of society and a range of departments, focusing on Design thinking as a strategic tool for change.

Design Innovation Challenge is a cooperation of four Ministries, Government Office and a Regional Agency (MIZŠ, MJU, MK, MGRT, SVRK and RRA LUR). These bodies were involved in a several months long process choosing and defining the content of the challenges under the supervision of Marco Steinberg, the Finnish system designer. During the event the work will take place in closed groups, in which participants from the public administrations will be joined by selected designers, artists, entrepreneurs and managers, and guided through a challenge solving process.

The event will conclude with a presentation of the results, followed by a public lecture by Marc Steinberg: Redesigning Our Future / Cities, government, innovation on Friday November the 20th at MAO. His experience and systematic approach to solving complex challenges are indispensable for anyone interested in systematic approaches and integrative solutions no matter the department or field of work.


Design Biotop is an experiential and discussion platform that explores the problem solving and trans-disciplinary nature of design, and promotes a design thinking mindset and its impact on social, political and economic challenges by developing grass root projects promoting interdisciplinary connections and collaborations .

All Design Biotop events call for action from all levels of society and strive to nurture active participation, where individuals could learn from direct experience, co-working and open sharing.
What we strive is to carve out long term projects based on System design.
Based on the responses deriving from the Design Biotop conference in November 2013 in Kino Šiška, we decided to continue the Design Biotop series with the in depth workshop, focusing on the potential of data visualization in decision making processes and the potential of such visualizations in understanding and solving complex problems. Design Biotop was awarded best accompanying event of BIO 50:NOW.