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Data Project

Data For Societal Impact

5 – 1 0 October 2 0 1 4 - Poligon Creative centre, Ljubljana

Data project is working towards nurturing the understanding for the potential of data usage in decision-making processes and using the help of data to approach complex problems solving. Project will work across sectors to develop a mutual understanding between policy makers and designers, creative’s and researchers who work with data visualization and are connected to decision making processes on different social levels.

It addresses students, professionals, creatives and decision maker to collaborate together and participate and contribute their knowledge and experiences in visualizing a complex problem. It is promoting multi-disciplinary teamwork and suggesting that the economic, societal and other problems can be successfully addressed from different positions and understandings.

Data project is conceived as a combination of open introductory lectures, a 5-day multidisciplinary workshop, and a series of result presentations under the mentorship of Juusu Koponen, a Finnish information designer and writer. The event was conceived by  3rdHand association and co-organised with UL ALUO.
During the workshop the participants will get an insight form different perspectives to the current socio-economic situation in Slovenia and will form a certain position to approaching the challenges.
They will work towards visualizing data to gain different perspectives.

Results will be based on data resources that we will get from the Statistical office of the republic of Slovenia and other governmental and independent research organizations.
The workshop will take place in Ljubljana, in Poligon – Creative centre, and will be open to 36 participants (form Slovenia and abroad) divided in 6 -9 multidisciplinary teams.
The project wishes to establish a long-term cooperation between public institutions, NGO-s and designers, enhancing the importance of data visualization in approaching complex socio-economic challenges.  The proposed dialogue between decision makers and designers can substantially improve the understanding of those issues and we hope it will become an example of good practice in knowledge exchange and in building a better society.


Design Biotop is an experiential and discussion platform that explores the problem solving and trans-disciplinary nature of design, and promotes a design thinking mindset and its impact on social, political and economic challenges by developing grass root projects promoting interdisciplinary connections and collaborations  .

All Design Biotop events call for action from all levels of society and strive to nurture active participation, where individuals could learn from direct experience, co-working and open sharing.
What we strive is to carve out long term projects based on System design.
Based on the responses deriving form he Design Biotop conference in November 2013 in Kino Šiška, we decided to continue the Design Biotop series with the in depth workshop, focusing on the potential of data visualization in decision making processes and the potential of such visualizations in understanding and solving complex problems.

The workshop is part of BIO 50 NOW program.
NOW program is a parallel program of side events that will animate the city of Ljubljana during the three months of BIO 50, 24th Biennial of Design, offering a lively ensemble of events, exhibits, workshops and lectures that will work as a platform for launching or presenting design initiatives, products, business ideas, researches and projects.

Design Biotop