Summary of the workshop / Workshop outcomes

September 21 – 25 , 2017 I Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Organization: Društvo Tretaroka (Saša Kerkoš, Barbara Poček, Lucija Podbrežnik)
Mentors: Koponen+Hildén (Juuso Koponen and Jonatan Hildén), Office of Displaced Designers (Shareen Elnaschie and Kimberly Pelkofsky) and Paolo Patelli in collaboration with Servis 8 (Ana Kyra Bekš and Marko Horvat)
Participants: Semira Osmanagić / Department for Culture, MOL, Petra Križan, Polona Dolžan, Anita Humar / Tourism Ljubljana, Barbara Poček / Glej Theatre & Design Biotop, Luka Piškorič / Poligon, Gaja Mežnarič Osole / Društvo Trajna, Natalija Lapajne, Pavlina Japelj / Museum of architecture and design, Arne Zupančič, Goran Jakovac / Rečni transport Ljubljana, Ksenija Perko / Zavod Mladi zmaji (Young Dragons), Anže Zorman / Culture.si (Ljudmila), Urška Purg / Museum of Contemporary History, Kristijan Dekleva / ALUO, Michaela Selmani / ALUO, Tea Pristolič / IPoP, Institute for Spatial Policies, Vid Skrbinšek / Koridor – križišča umetnosti, Janja Štefanič

Koponen+Hildén (Juuso Koponen and Jonatan Hildén)
Using data to reveal hidden opportunities and challenges for cultural tourism
>>> Intro lecture

>>> Final presentation of the workshop
Topic: A data-driven approach to cultural tourism’s impact on and potential for Ljubljana
Problem: Currently, data is not used to inform decisions relating to cultural tourism as well as it could be. More data should be collected and better use could be made of the existing data.
Outcomes: Heatmap of AirBnB room locations vs. hotel locations & AirBnB statistics, Ljubljana vs.  Zagreb. Map showing distribution of geocoded images on Flickr by year Taken & Map showing distribution of geocoded images on Flickr by time of day. Map showing keywords used in Instagram photos. Map showing major centers of cultural activity and bikeshare stations + Sketch for an interactive tool. Data collected: LINK

Office of Displaced Designers (Shareen Elnaschie and Kimberly Pelkofsky)
Who is the city (+ tourism) for?
>>> Intro lecture
>>> Final presentation of the workshop
Topic: Communicating for Inclusive Tourism Strategies
Problem: Currently no plans in place for the proposed quarterly workshops for communities
Outcomes: We created a blueprint structure for the proposed citizen workshops to be run by the Ljubljana tourism board.

Paolo Patelli
Support structures for thinking heritage
>>> Intro lecture
>>> Final presentation of the workshop
Topic: Experience, discuss ­ and possibly renew ­the significance of monuments and heritage in the city.
Problem: Exploring the concept of tourism and going beyond to develop new products and connections for cultural tourism.
Questions: How can we turn the tourist’s gaze into a reflexive practice? How to design support structures for re-thinking heritage?
Outcomes: We deconstructed images from the official touristic promotional campaigns; using semiotic methods of analysis, we highlighted elements, compositions, signs and meanings from constructed images of Ljubljana, in order to discuss its current aspirations, as well as past and alternative ones. Once elements from the current prevalent imaginary were identified, we substitute them inside ideal dioramas, connecting an ongoing and open discussion with elements of the local heritage, the built environment,  the local material culture.

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