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Kino Šiška
City of Ljubljana
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Servis 8


Design Biotop / Space and Perception
September 21 – 22 , 2017 I Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Mentors: Koponen+Hildén (Juuso Koponen and Jonatan Hildén), Office of Displaced Designers (Shareen Elnaschie and Kimberly Pelkofsky) and Paolo Patelli.

With an experimental participatory workshop, Design Biotop is bringing together the City of Ljubljana, its creative individuals and experts from the field of design, architecture and urban planning (selected through the Future Architecture platform – best young creative’s open call) to find new inspirations for future development of the city.

This year’s edition of Design Biotop will explore the challenges of the substantive content planning in the City of Ljubljana. The question of cultural tourism in the City has been tackled by the mentors in collaboration with Servis 8 (Ana Kyra Bekš & Marko Horvat) and Aljaž Vindiš.


Who is the city (+ tourism) for?
Facilitators: Office of displaced designers (Shareen Elnaschie & Kimberly Pelkofsky)

Topic summary: Who is the City (and tourism) for? is a meta workshop that aims to promote effective communication with communities.

Using data to reveal hidden opportunities and challenges for cultural tourism
Facilitators: Koponen+Hildén (Juuso Koponen & Jonatan Hildén)

Topic summary: A data-driven approach to cultural tourism’s impact on and potential for Ljubljana

Support structures for thinking heritage
Facilitator: Paolo Patelli

Topic summary: This design studio propose to think out design proposals and to make prototypes with the aim to experience, discuss and possibly renew the significance of monuments and heritage in the city.