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Anže Zadel

Design and Policy: The role of inclusive, participatory decision-making for affordable housing
with John A. Bruce

23. 5. 2019 / 09.30 -15.30 / Town Hall, Red Hall, Ljubljana

Anže Zadel is a designer, urban policy professional, and a researcher concerned with equity, public policy, and well-being. Involving both scholarly and creative practice, his dissertation project, entitled The Design of Community Participation, investigates the role of “community participation” in struggles over access to resources and infrastructure in the context of a growing trend of “community participation” in current urban planning and policy in global cities. His enthusiasm for collective knowledge production drives his research, as he offers his expertise on these processes while learning from others who are involved in participatory processes from the bottom up. Anže earned a Ph.D. in Public and Urban Policy from Milano, The New School. He earned an MS in Design and Urban Ecologies from Parsons, School of Design. He earned a BA in Architecture and Urbanism from the University in Ljubljana and Istanbul Technical University. He won the Kalil and Zahn award for his work with the Amenawon initiative on developing a green school in Lagos, Nigeria. He was a 2016-16 fellow at the Graduate Institute for Design Ethnography and Social Thought at The New School.

In the growing trend of community participation in urban and policy processes on the local and regional level, a variety of new mechanisms and policies allow residents to participate in political decisions about the future of affordable housing conditions in their cities. One of the biggest challenges that emerge with these “participatory practices” is how to ensure that they truly contribute to strengthening citizen power. The questions that emerge are: What is the history of community participation in housing strategies in Ljubljana and the region? How are other cities/regions strengthening participation in alternative housing strategies? How might design inform processes of envisioning new participatory practices in policy-making?

Fundamental to the development of this participatory design-led workshop are key characteristics that include: a radical design approach to policy-making, transdisciplinarity by including multiple disciplines and stakeholders, and collaboration with intention to develop new ways of policy-making. Based on theory and praxis, the workshop will gather community groups, policymakers, urban practitioners, and city & state officials to explore the possibilities of democratizing the city.

There will be a day-long workshop on May 23rd followed by a 90 minute conference panel on May 24th.

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