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Working with the 99%

Inclusive habitat
Paula Miranda & Carolina Batlle y Font

24. 5. 2019 / MAO, Ljubljana

Ateliermob is a multidisciplinary platform for the development of ideas, research and projects in the areas of architecture, landscape, design and urbanism. The company was founded in 2005 in Lisbon. In 2016, a cooperative – “Working with the 99%” – was created for the provision of services in the fields of architecture and social or intervention design, urban planning, strategic planning, coordination and implementation of projects, and training.
At the same time, this platform has been developing research work to support project-practice, an online architecture space, architectural design, urban planning and has maintained a regular presence in various forums and national and international networks like: the European ReKreators network, the Observatory of Mexico City, DLBC Lisbon Network, the laboratory of participatory practices developed in the region of Basilicata, in Italy, or the official representation of Portugal at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014.
Currently, ateliermob is constituted by two partners – Andreia Salavessa and Tiago Mota Saraiva – and a team of, around 10, skilled professionals associated, when possible, with other entities and technicians in order to enrich and broaden the spectrum of its multidisciplinary services.
Referenced in several national and international publications, ateliermob has achieved awards and honorable competition classifications.

Following the EU Urban Agenda, when we think about housing, as architects and urbanists – and/or other stakeholders – one must be aware that our living space is not confined in the house interior, it extends its limits to the public space. On other words, to dwell is a gesture both expressed inside and outside. It is the combination of both axis that one must take into account when discussing the concept of habitat.
Taking as examples some participatory processes developed by Ateliermob/ Working with the 99% Coop. – PRODAC and Quinta do Ferro – we propose to discuss housing / habitat and the needs both communities face, the different contexts they represent, as ways to think what is common or dissonant but can be helpful for other cities, as Ljubjana.
We propose to debate the concept of “habitat”- housing and public space integrated – when thought by and to those living it, stimulating the capacity to question the ways in which the spaces can be more inclusive. To think how specific perceptions of inhabiting, as different genders and/or different physical capacities, among others, lead to different needs the urban space should respond.

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