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Freo Majer

Step on it! Callout for ideas and projects
Feedback ideation session based on pitch presentations
Freo Myer with local guests

23. 5. 2019 / 11.00 -14.00 / Pritličje, Ljubljana

Freo Majer had pursued a successful career as an opera and theater director for a few years, but changed paths when he realized that he was much more interested in the structural, societal, and political conditions that enable artistic production rather than producing artistic work himself. While participating in the international master program EMAA in Zurich, he developed the interdisciplinary mentorship program Forecast (member of the Future Architecture Platform), and has served as its artistic director since its inception in 2014.
Creatives collaborators include photographer Bas Princen, curator Hou Hanru, artists Omer Fast and Candice Breitz, designer Jerszy Seymourar, musicians such as Jennifer Walshe and Okkyung Lee, as well as the architects Jürgen Mayer H., Tatiana Bilbao, and Rahul Merhotra.

By presenting ideas and projects in the form of a five-minute pitch, selected teams and individuals will receive feedback from an interdisciplinary crowd, including local expertise.

Interested to pitch? The session has limited spaces. For participating, send us one-page short concept/project description together with your super short bio and email us here:

This short 3-hour session event does not predefine topics or disciplines. However the guest feedback mentor Freo Myer does encourage curiosity for proposals that show an interest in shared space, social permeability, points of friction between the individual and the community, and methods that respond to technological disruptions through suggesting social innovations.

Guest of the event within the Future Architecture platform.