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Antje Steinmuller

Workshop: Catalyzing the Domestic Commons

24. 5. 2019 / MAO Ljubljana

Antje Steinmuller is Associate Professor at California College of the Arts (CCA) where she chairs the Bachelor of Architecture program and co-directs the Urban Works Agency, CCA’s urbanism research lab. Her research explores the role of design at the intersection of citizen-led and city-regulated processes in the production of urban space – from new typologies of urban commons and new forms of collective living, to the agency of architecture vis-a-vis the current housing crisis.
Most recently, her work has been exhibited at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, and SPUR Urban Center. She is the co-author of Commoning Domestic Space, a forthcoming book on communal living in California.

Communal living has witnessed a resurgence in cities across the globe. While this renaissance is in part due to the affordability created by sharing domestic spaces, co-living has also proven to create meaningful social relationships that offer new forms of resilience. Rooted in a rich legacy of communal living as diverse as the kibbutzim, social housing experiments of the communist era, and California’s counter-cultural hinterland communes, contemporary models of communal living include entrepreneurial experiments in co-­living, hacker hostels, time-shared spaces, and membership-based global networks. Along a spectrum of ‘necessity-oriented’ to ‘culturally-motivated’ manifestations, co-living has been able to embrace current trends—from alternate family arrangements, to networking-at-home, to lifestyle affinities—that empower its inhabitants.

This 2-hour workshop introduces strategies in which historic and contemporary co-­living projects leverage spatial resources toward shaping broader communities, touching on ownership models, spatial frameworks, scales of sharing, typologies of emerging social units, governance, and the distribution of domestic labor. Offering insights into an often hidden urban housing typology for students and academics of architecture, city planning, urban design, human geography, and sociology, the workshop seeks to stimulate an exploration of possible future scenarios for the sharing of domestic space and resources as they are shaped by the specific cultural, political, and economic context of Ljubljana.
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