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The Sudden Workshop
team 2019: Christian Höhl, Nikolaus Kastinger, Arne Leibnitz, Andreas Lint, Mark Neuner

24. 5. 2019 / MAO, Ljubljana

MOSTLIKELY combines architecture, computer graphics and design. Their projects vary from buildings to art installations as well as from videos to product designs, whereas boundaries between branches are most likely free flowing. The Viennese agency was founded in 2012 and is run by Wolfgang List, Maik Perfahl and Mark Neuner. The work of mostlikely was honored with several prizes and the members of mostlikely continually hold lectures and workshops in the academic field.

The Sudden Workshop is a mobile workshop and tool for the collective reactivation of public space. The simple principles of the Sudden workshop invite everybody to participate and bring in their ideas. The Vienna based team will present the methods they use as 1:1 experience served as background and laboratory for the definition of the “common space” city. The aim of their specific participatory work is to foster our creativity and to demonstrate the potential of our future cities as common resources.

The working method of the sudden workshop is based on seven principles which the team regards as the sudden workshop manifesto:

As a building material, the sudden workshop uses only solid wooden boards with a width of 10 and 20 centimeters.
#2 The number of tools required is reduced to a minimum – the wooden boards are cut exclusively with the chop saw.
#3 The equipment of our sudden workshop can be moved with one carload. On-site, the workshop must be clearly visible.
#4 All participants realize a common idea.
#5 The sudden workshop is initiated as an open, collaborative process.
#6 All built prototypes must be accessible for the public and may not be commercially exploited.
#7 The sudden workshop activates public space as a valuable resource for its citizens.

Guests of the event within the Future Architecture platform.

When registering for the event please bear in mind that you can only register for one workshop since all of them are taking place at the same time. In case of receiving a registration for more than one workshop we reserve the right to distribute the participants with multiple inputs according to available spaces.

After registering to the event, you will receive a confirmation email, where you will find the link to complementary workshops.

Outcomes of the workshop: HERE