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Clément Blanchet

Workshop theme direction: What is “the image” of Ljubljana?
How to absorb globalization and turn the Image of Ljubljana as a place of engaging diversity, while at the same time keeping and nurturing its uniqueness? Can tourism create a sustainable future for Ljubljana?

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Clément Blanchet

Clément Blanchet is a French architect, teacher and critic, actively practicing in the fields of architectural theory, urbanism, and cultural investigations.

Clément Blanchet is an ex-Associate of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, where he joined in 2004. In 2011, Blanchet was appointed Director of OMA France. During his 10 years collaborating with Rem Koolhaas, he has contributed to the development of OMA in France and led several winning projects for the firm, including the construction of Serpentine Gallery in London, the design and construction of Caen Library (Completion 2016) in France, the design and development of winning entries like the Convention and exhibition Centre in Toulouse, the Engineering school of Centrale, master plans in Saclay and in Bordeaux, and lately the bridge JJ Bosc over the Garonne in Bordeaux.

In May 2014, CLEMENT BLANCHET ARCHITECTURE is founded in Paris. The practice is structured as a laboratory, researching, informing and generating architecture / urbanism in all its forms.

From a selection of projects, CBA is currently developing competitions for the redesign of a Ferry Boat Terminal in Toronto, a museum in Berlin, major office headquarters in Toulouse and is designing a high rise in Nice, an extension of a train station in Nice, the extension of Polytechnique school in Saclay as well as continuing the finalization of Caen library in collaboration with OMA.

He graduated with high honours from the Architectural school of Versailles and has been an invited critic to Architectural schools in France, England, Holland, Denmark & Sweden. He currently teaches at Paris Val de Seine Architectural School and ESA. Clément Blanchet divides his time between this firm in Paris and the United States where he also teaches at the University of Michigan and Rice University.