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About the event

October 26 – 28, 2016 I MAO, Ljubljana

This year’s edition of Design Biotop will explore the challenges of the substantive content planning in the City of Ljubljana. Design Biotop is a partner of the Future Architecture platform coordinated by the Museum of Architecture and Design.

With an experimental participatory workshop, Design Biotop is bringing together the City of Ljubljana, its creative individuals and experts from the field of design, architecture and urban planning (selected through the Future Architecture platform – best young creative’s open call) to find new inspirations for future development of the city.

The challenge will be addressed through the prism of urban contexts and by finding new approaches for crosscutting sustainable and unlike strategies for the future of Ljubljana. The main focus of Design Biotop shows the connection of the creative industries and the content they generate for space, quality of life and the development of the city.

One of the main issues of the workshop is the influence on sustainable strategies the cities may have by integrating the creative sector in the strategic planning. Topics such as design, tourism, public-private, safe-dangerous, continuous-transitional, generational culture gaps, city and space management, creativity as destination marketing, startup and subculture, can all have an important impact on the future of design.

Are such considerations and demands even realistic and reasonable and where can they lead us today? This is a strategic issue for every city to explore, even more so for a young city with a lot of unrealized potential such as Ljubljana.