Summer School

Due to the COVID-19 situation the Summer School is postponed in 2021. All applicants and others are invited to join our mailing list for additional information.

International Summer School UL ALUO 2021
in collaboration with Design Biotop and KNOF presenting:

4 Design Projects Sprints For Sustainable Change
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Summer school is organized by the Academy of Art and Design – the University of Ljubljana, together with Design Biotop and Knof, non profit organization focusing on sustainability.

The summer school 4 Design Projects Sprints for Sustainable Change will present the participants sustainable principles of leading design teams and processes. Guidance will be supported and assessed by experienced international mentors. Participants will benefit from the experience through specific real-world projects and concepts that are based on sustainable principles. Successful teams will have the opportunity to continue collaborations even after completing the course.

International 5-day Summer School Master Class will start with an open-to-public lectures, where participants and the public will learn from guest speakers/leaders and their sustainability led practice. Participants of the Summer school will then continue into 4-day hands-on Master Class, focusing on deepening the knowledge on sustainability through understanding spheres of advocacy and business. The summer school will bring insights about design for sustainability and circular business models, eco-design strategies, understanding of materials, etc. Participants will be guided by passionate guests via practical exercise example to work on real case studies to manifest the gained insights.

The real case example will form participants into teams that will be guided by experienced mentors and event management team. Each team will work closely with the project leader to tackle the facing challenges. 4 projects were hand-picked by KNOF business hub, based on their sustainable transformation potential.
Participants will explore personal leadership traits and self-management skills while learning about business and organizational models, creative design-led governance, and cooperation via a systemic approach to design. They will complete the Summer School MA Class by testing and implementing learned knowledge via practical examples and agile project methodologies.

LECTURERS – Guests and mentors, specialized in design and sustainability

Dr. Frank O’Connor (UK) and Jude Sherry (UK) / ANOIS
Anois have proven expertise in co-creating successful products, packaging, policies, brands, strategies & training & development programs. They are passionate about making eco design & circular economy the norm.

Jude Sherry and Dr. Frank O’Connor who are the Anois have over 45 years of experience working globally with all actors including business, government, inter-government & education.

Jaime Nack is an environmental consultant and marketing specialist who is known for her role as Director of Sustainability and Greening Operations for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado and who subsequently managed the plan for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Marking the first time in DNC history where measures were taken to reduce the environmental impact of the event on the host city. In April 2011, Nack received a federal appointment to serve a three-year term on the National Women’s Business Council. The same year, Nack was also named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Three Squares Inc.® (TSI) is an environmental consulting firm which designs sustainability into the internal and external DNA of organizations. A global leader in green event production and the first firm in the U.S. to earn ISO 20121 compliance, TSI maintains the highest standards of environmental integrity across each of its projects. Their sustainability consulting practice helps government agencies, corporations and nonprofits navigate the “green noise” and implement systems to actively reduce their environmental impact.


Kalevi Ekman is a professor of Machine Design at Aalto University School of Engineering and the Professor responsible for Product Development Project Course. He is also the Director of Aalto University Design Factory, an experimental co-creation platform for education, research and application of product design. He is responsible for Design Factory to become a Global Network of more Factories spreading the learning models of DF Helsinki around the world. His research and education activities relate to integrated product development process, conceptual design phase, prototyping, and especially interdisciplinary co-creation between engineers, designers, and business professionals.


Sasa Kerkos is an experienced Art Director with a demonstrated history of working globally in the design industry. Skilled in Branding & Storytelling, Corporate Identity, and Visual Communication Consultancy. In her MA in Visual Communication from Aalto Helsinki she focused on consistent, sustainable and strategic design solutions. She is interested in human-to-human interactions as the core of a successful business.

Design Biotop is an experimental and discussion platform ran by NGO Tretaroka that explores the problem solving and trans-disciplinary nature of design, and promotes a design thinking mindset and its impact on social, political and economic challenges by developing grass root projects promoting interdisciplinary connections and collaborations. All Design Biotop events call for action from all levels of society and strive to nurture active participation, where individuals could learn from direct experience, co-working and open sharing. All the Design Biotop projects thrive to bring sustainability into a daily focus. Design Biotop is a partner of Future Architecture Platform.

Miha Klinar (SI) / UL ALUO

After studying design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Miha Klinar specialised in industrial design. In the 1990s, he started his first design studio. In 2000, he founded Gigodesign with his partners and also the industrial design department. In 2008, he was the initiator and coordinator of the 9th Development Group for Creative Industries at the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Slovenia. In 2013, he initiated Design Management Competence Centre. Since 2014, he has worked as an assistant professor at ALUO while still supervising some of the projects in Gigodesign and planning the next stage of the development of the Design Management Competence Centre.