Future Architecture
Anna Ulrikke Andersen
Sebastian Cavazza

On (Self)Care and Sustainability

Design Biotop 2021 online event titled Conversations On Sustainability and (Self)Care continues with the 2020 lounge of Biotop’s Podcast called Word!. The platform’s host Sasa Kerkos discusses intimate and personal topics with different guests that relate to (Self)Care in several contexts. Guests will share their intimate relationships with the complexity of life and work, wellbeing experiences, and their ways of nurturing ‘self’ and the world around them. The guests come from diverse backgrounds and bring their specific lifestyles, thoughts, and experiences into the spotlight.

Oxford researcher Anna Ulrikke Andersen shares her personal experiences with chronic illness in her approach to a history of architecture told by patients.
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Renowned Slovenian actor Sebastian Cavazza shares his approach and techniques on how to grow into a role and emerge himself into someone else and what it takes to leave the adopted lives behind…
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